"We firmly believe that the future of the service economy is anchored on the principles of collaboration, know how and the capacity to adapt to change in an uncertain environment that is constantly transforming itself"



Learn about "Fianzas Style"


We seek to give innovative solutions. Our doors are always open to suggestions from our clients and we work tirelessly to offer them the most advanced technologies in order to satisfy their needs in the most efficient manner.


Our team is ready to respond to the highest standards of quality in terms of professional training as well as service attitude, showing the required flexibility and nimbleness in an uncertain and ever changing environment. Our work is based on the principles of collaboration, know-how and adaptability.


We have based our company’s growth on a culture centred on teamwork, trust and client focus. The team at Fianzas y Crédito shares values, professionalism, responsibility and human qualities. We are proud of being able to offer our clients quality service backed up by a professional and dependable team.


We have a strong commitment towards our clients, as well as towards our collaborators and the community we belong to. We foster the wellbeing and personal growth of the members of our organization and we work on a daily basis with a firm commitment to offering our clients the best service. Moreover, we make a contribution towards community wellbeing through various CSR initiatives.


Teamwork is a fundamental pillar of our "Fianzas Style". We strive to create a teamwork culture, based on a flexible and adaptable structure to respond to a multiplicity of market needs. We offer a work style that prioritises responsibility and professionalism, as well as the wellbeing and personal growth of the members of our organization.


We count on the support of the most renowned and reliable reinsurers in the market.

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